Pigment Paste and Emulsions
Pigment Paste and Emulsions are dispersed organic pigment used for textile printing the pastes are specially processed to obtain excellent dispersion and can be easily stirred into textile binder. These are widely are used in varieties of paints, printing inks, polymers, rubber articles, soaps - detergents, textile printing, leather applications, etc.
Pigment Paste & Emulsion for Paper
Pigment Paste & Emulsion for Paper offered is constituted using quality materials which provide the optimum performance values and are among the best available choices in the market. Appreciated for their optimum viscosity, this product is used for imparting colour to various kinds of dyes and inks.
Pigment Fine Paste
Pigment Fine Paste is prepared following environment-friendly procedures and are free from harmful chemicals. Our customers can buy this range of offered pigment paste at market leading prices. This paste is delivered in standard packaging to prevent them from spoilage. This paste is offered with assured quality and can be purchased at economical rates.
Textile Softners
Textile Softeners are a finishing agent that when applied to textile material improves its handle giving pleasing touch. These softeners are lubricating agents, which facilitate the fiber sliding within the fabric structure, thus granting easier deformation and creasing of the fabric. This softener is very effective as well as economical to us.
Water Based Inks
Water Based Inks are an ink made with water rather than plastic or PVC. Water-based inks can be split into two main ingredients, water and pigment. They serve as a great alternative to plastisol ink in many circumstances. These inks also are a good choice where ink penetration is desirable, such as in towel printing.
Pigment Eco Paste & Emulsions
Pigment Eco Paste & Emulsions are used in textile, paint, detergent paper, ink industry, soap industry and many others. These emulsions and well-certified formulations, are recognized for their purity and colour fastness. These emulsions are high dispersed suspension of pigments, which are formed with the mixture of water and pigment auxiliaries.
Pigment Dyes & Powders
Pigment Dyes & Powders are used in inks, coatings, and many plastics. These are insoluble and have no tendency to migrate in the material. They are standard powders used in printing ink and the packaging industry. These are not only used for painting or stamping, but also for colouring gypsum or some types of clay.
Textile Auxiliaries
Textile Auxiliaries are specially used for washing and dying of yarns and fabrics. These auxiliaries are formulated for textile products in the forms of cationic, non-ionic, surfactants and amphoteric. These auxiliaries find usage in textile industries for dyeing, finishing, printing and sizing fabric applications.
Rotogravure Printing Inks
Rotogravure Printing Inks act as a type of intaglio printing process, which involves engraving the image onto an image carrier. Opposed to flex printing, the ink in gravure printing is transferred from carved micro cavities and not from a relief. These inks are effective as well as economical too. 
Dispersing Agent
Dispersing Agent is a substance, typically a surfactant, that is added to a suspension of solid or liquid particles in a liquid to improve the separation of the particles and to prevent their settling or clumping. This agent is insoluble in water and form aqueous dispersion in water.
Dye Fixing Agent
Dye Fixing Agent is to be applied to dyed fabric to fix the unfixed dyestuff on fabric. It improves wet colour fastness and fabric quality. It improves wet fastness properties viz; water contact fastness, sea water fastness and perspiration fastness. This process is normally done in a special solution containing dyes and particular chemical material.
Printing Ink and Raw Material
Printing Ink and Raw Material is composed of a pigment, a binder, a solvent and various additive such as drying and chelating agents. This is a complex mixture of ingredients that are combined in a specific formulation to meet desired characteristics of the printing application of the ink.
Flexographic Printing Inks
Flexographic Printing Inks are inks, transferred by the process of flexography, primarily used in the printing of packing materials. These inks are crafted to work best with varying image carriers and substrates. These are formulated to provide minimal plate swell on most tag & label, pressure sensitive, shrink and in-mould label applications.
Pigment Dyes for Masterbatches
Pigment Dyes for Masterbatches are insoluble organic or inorganic particles added to the polymer base to give a certain colour to the plastic. These allows for optimum colourant and optical brightener support so as to perfectly match up with the demands of the customers.
Pigment Paste and Emulsions for Detergents
Pigment Paste and Emulsions for Detergents comprises of transparent pigments that find use in the production of detergents. The offered paste and emulsion options come with choices of superior oil absorption, colour strength, as well as resistance to heat properties which makes these deliver optimum functional support in detergent production areas.
Textile Binders
Textile Binders are used to produce an efficient printing paste for fabric printing and coating. These are used to give the required effects to textiles. These binders are film forming polymers which play important roles in achieving optimum properties. These binders are very important and essential ingredient.

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