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Water Based Roto-Gravure Printing Inks

Water Based Roto-Gravure Printing Inks
Water Based Roto-Gravure Printing Inks
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Product Description

Aqua Gravo W-QS


AQUA GRAVO W-QS (Water based gravure ink medium)

Description: AQUA GRAVO W-QS is formulated for gravure printing on absorbent substrates. They are characterized by their ability to provide high quality prints and maximum brightness over any type of paper substrates. AQUA GRAVO W-QS is self cross-linking Acrylic co-polymer emulsion. It has excellent thermal and mechanical stability, which gives it superior running properties. It has a special acrylic system, which gives good wet rubbing fastness.



·        High colour strength at low viscosity.

·        Rapid drying by absorption into the substrate.

·        Can be formulated for low slip, enhanced rub product resistance.

·        Water based gravure inks are used for wide variety of application.

·        Choking problems are not visible even in long and continues run.


Technical information and ink handling

·        Appearance: Milky white liquid.

·        Miscibility: Good in water.

·        pH: 8 - 9

·        Compatibility: Compatible with water and pigment emulsion.

·        Substrate: Any type of paper and stock substrate.

·        Wash up: Water is normally used. However if inks have been allowed to dry on the rollers or stereos, propylene glycol-ethyl or a mild alkali solution may be necessary to fully remove dried inks.

·        Storage: Being water based “AQUA GRAVO W-QS” is not considered highly inflammable.

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